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Elephant Trunk Nebula

Elephant Trunk Nebula

IC1396: Elephant Trunk Nebula. RGB + pseudo-Luminance. 0.96"/pixel image scale.

Astrodon Red filter, 17 x 7 minutes, 1x1. 9/18/2015.
Astrodon Green filter, 16 x 7 minutes, 1x1. 9/18/2015. Had to throw out one sub due to really bright airplane light streaks.
Astrodon Blue filter, 17 x 7 minutes, 1x1. 9/18/2015.

TEC 140 APO F/7 with Astro-Physics A-P1100GTO GEM. QSI660wsg. OAG and Ultrastar autoguider, Optec Handy Stepper Motor focuser.

Captured and automated with SGP. Calibration and post-processed with PixInsight. PHD2 settings: RA Aggressiveness: 60, RA Hysteresis: 10, Max RA/Dec Duration: 2000, Min Move: 0.45, Calibration Steps: 350msec, Auto/Resist Switching, Extreme dithering and Settled at < 1.0, 3 sec guiding exposure.