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Bubble Nebula

Bubble Nebula

NGC7635: Bubble Nebula Hubble Palette (Sii-Ha-Oiii) in Cassiopeia. 0.47"/pixel.

Astrodon Ha 5nm filter: 21 x 15 minutes, 1x1
Astrodon Oiii 5nm filter: 31 x 15 minutes, 1x1
Astrodon Sii 5nm filter: 12 x 30 minutes, 1x1

Celestron 8" EdgeHD at F/10 with A-P Mach1GTO GEM. Atik 460EX mono. Hutech OAG. Lodestar.

Captured with Nebulosity. Processed with PixInsight.
PHD settings: RA Aggressiveness: 60, RA Hysteresis: 10, Max Dec Duration: 75, Min Motion: 0.70, Calibration Steps: 125msec, Auto/Resist Switching, Extreme dithering and Settled at < 0.5, 3 - 4 sec guiding exposure.

Red = Sii, Green = Ha, Blue = Oiii